Episcopal HYLA 2023

Latinx Episcopal College students are invited to participate in the first HYLA session in California. This Episcopal HYLA session is particularly designed for Latinx college students that are active in local Episcopal churches in the context of the United States and will gather at Church Divinity School of the Pacific (CDSP) JUNE 27-JULY 1, 2023.

Participants will:
Gain leadership skills,
2) Lean about the mission and structure of the Episcopal church,
3) Understand more about the reality of Latinx communities in the US,
4) Consider identity as a Latinx leader in the church and community,
5) Explore call and vocation in relation to God, the church and own communities

INTERESTED? Scholarships available for housing, meals, and travel for the first 15 applicants!!

This year, HYLA celebrates its 20th Anniversary. Episcopal students are invited to participate in this celebration that will take place at Boston University – School of Theology in Boston, MA, July 27th-29th. Scholarships are available for the first 20 applicants.

Fill out the application Form Here

– Be a full-time college student in good academic standing.
– Participate in local ministry setting (a church, campus ministry, etc.).
– Be a member of an Episcopal congregation.
– Have experience or desire to serve in leadership of the Church.
– Desire to explore your relationship with God and your potential for leadership.
– Have a sponsor (lay or clergy member of the church where you participate).
– Fill out the application form and submit by due date for participation – in the summer leadership academies (applications are accepted until May 1st of each year if space is available). Those seeking a scholarship are encouraged to apply by March 30th of each year or ASAP!

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