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Your donations support HYLA’s continuing mission to foster new generations of Latinx leadership is welcome. Through these donations, we are able to offer exciting programs for more Latinx students across the US, Peru, and Colombia. Click the donation button below to donate

Appy for HYLA 20th Anniversary (scholarships for the first 20 applicants)

Apply here if you are from Higch Schhol
Apply here if you are from College
Apply here if you are from Episcopal Church
Apply here if you are from Raices Latinas Institute


Become a member of HYLA and support Latinx leadership formation. Click the donation button below and fill the membership application here: HYLA Membership Application.


Application for HYLA sessions require a $75 registration fee. Please click here to pay for it.


ACLAMEN is a membership organization. The annual membership fee of $50.00. It supports the organizing of Latinx clergywomen and provides your access to the scholarship benefits of the annual events of ACLAMEN. Scholarships include housing and meals for annual retreats and leadership convocations. Please click the donation button below and note that you are covering your ACLAMEN membership fee. A receipt will be emailed to you. Additionally, please complete the membership form HERE.

Click the button below to make a donation–THANK YOU!

You can donate through Zelle, our email is


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[…] You can support the HYLA Endowment, giving is not just about making a donation, it’s about making a difference. Be part of the movement who support young Latinx to discern their calling to ministry through the pursuit of higher education, awareness of social issues, spiritual and mental growth, as they lead in their communities, the UMC, and the world. We need your help to assure HYLA continues for new generations to come! Follow this link to donate: […]

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