Raices Latinas Institute

An Interdenominational Leadership Semillero


The 2023 gathering of Raices Latinas Leadership Institute will take place during the 20th anniversary celebration of HYLA at Boston University – School of Theology in Boston, MA, USA. July 27th-29th. Scholarships are available for the first 20 applicants.

Mission Statement

The Raices Latinas Leadership Institute is a semillero where Christian Latinx college students discern their vocation and cultural identity and are empowered to access graduate studies in order to flourish as leaders in the church, academy, and society.
The program components of Raices Latinas Leadership Institute include leadership development, discernment/refinement of call, consideration of advance degrees, contextual service learning, theological reflection, time to share experience in ministry and higher education. The annual gathering is also a great opportunity to learn from the experiences of all the participants and build ecumenical/interfaith networks. This program is supported by the Raices Latinas Program on Theology, Leadership, and Research at Boston University School of Theology.

Requirements and Scholarship

This leadership formation opportunity is for upper-level college students, recent college graduates, leaders in churches, and/or graduate students of all faiths and religious. Must be between the ages of 21-35 with the interest in leadership and connection/engagement with a faith community.
Scholarships are provided for housing, meals, and local ground transportation for the first 20 applicants that are accepted. Participants must cover own air travel. A $75.00 registration fee must be covered accepted.

What is Raices Latinas Program?

It is an initiative sponsored by Boston University School of Theology (BUSTH) supporting graduate students, especially those interested in church leadership and doctoral Studies. The Raíces Latinas program sponsors and complements the work being done by HYLA (Hispanic Youth Leadership Academy) and The Raíces Latinas Leadership Institute with Latinx students.

Established in 2019, the Raíces Latinas Program at the BU School of Theology (STH) offers students the unique opportunity to pursue Latin American and Latinx studies, leadership formation, and research, as well as the opportunity to build collaborative partnerships at Boston University, the church, and the wider community. The program draws on the multi- and interdisciplinary interests of STH students and constituents, and the strength of the STH faculty. A strong foundation and commitment to Latinx initiatives already exist at STH and includes student group Raíces Latinas, which provides support and mentoring for Latinx students; The Raíces Latinas Leadership Institute, an international leadership semillero in which Christian Latinx college and seminary students discern their vocations; and the Hispanic Youth Leadership Academy (HYLA), a program of the United Methodist Church that supports high school students as they explore their lives with a cultural and theological lens and develop as leaders.

The Theology and Latinx Studies Certificate trains students in specialized theology and Latinx studies for service in faith communities and exploration of Latinx religious traditions in the world. This certificate program is offered to students enrolled in degree programs, as well as non-degree students who are seeking to advance their education and receive training and certification in the area of Latinx studies. Every aspect of the Raíces Latinas program emphasizes contributions to the Latinx community both locally and globally and prepares its students to passionately serve with Latinx communities after graduation.
For more information: https://www.bu.edu/sth/research/centers-and-programs/