Raices Latinas Institute

Raices Latinas: An interdenominational Leadership Semillero

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Mission Statement
Raices Latinas Leadership Institute is a semillero where Christian Latinx college students discern their vocation and cultural identity and are empowered to access graduate studies in order to flourish as leaders in the church, academy and society.

at the roundtable(s)What is Raices Latinas?

Raices Latinas is an initiative sponsored by the BU School of Theology that will work with upper-level college and graduate students especially those interested in UM church leadership. Raices Latinas complements the work being done by HYLA (Hispanic Youth Leadership Academy) with high school and college United Methodist students. The program components of this convocation will include leadership development, discernment/refinement of call, consideration of advance degrees, contextual service learning in the Boston area, theological reflection, and time to share your experience in ministry and learn from the experiences of others. This is an ecumenical initiative so you do not have to be UMC.

Requirements: For upper-level college students, college graduates, leaders in church, and/or graduate students interested in a Masters degree. Must be between the ages of 21-35. Scholarships are provided for housing, meals and local ground transportation. You must cover your own air travel.  Your cost will be a $75.00 registration fee once you are accepted.